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Why I Started My Own Business: More importantly should you start yours?

There I was my hands deep in aviation oil, I look over at the can it came from and glaring back at me is the label “May cause infertility”. What more could it hurt, earlier that day I managed to accidentally cover myself in jet fuel. This was a pretty standard day, I didn’t feel well, and I hadn’t for some time. There has got to be a better way and quick – before I make myself seriously ill.

I was not happy with so many aspects of my life, when I asked myself ‘should I start my own business?’ I honestly had no excuses.

There was one thing in life that I was looking for desperately in all the wrong place: that was freedom.

Looking for freedom in all the wrong placesHorses Running Free


I had taken to the sky to try find it but ended up in a job where the pay was poor, hours were long, I was in a remote location, surrounded by alcoholics and sexual harassment was the norm. Possibly one of the most toxic work environments out there.

A horrific accident that threw the company into turmoil ended up a blessing in disguise as I no longer had a job. Through observation, I had learned a lesson the hard way about exactly how not to treat your employees and how not to build organisation culture.

Another flying job was offered to me but in the end the decision came down to four major factors.

1. Necessity

You know what they say – ‘necessity is the mother of invention’. I needed more money and a new direction, and I needed it fast! That meant when opportunity presented itself I was ready to pounce.

Starting a business doesn’t mean you have to reinvent the wheel. Using a tried tested model can often be the best way to get off the ground. Combine an existing model with a strong need and desire will make you more ready to take action and make it happen.


2. Closer analysis of what freedom really meant to me

I mentioned above that I had been chasing this elusive goal of freedom. When I consciously became aware of this and what it meant to me, it helped me map my future.

I wanted to be in control, to grow and experience something new and ultimately, I wanted to live my life by design. If you can really focus on what has been driving your past choices and what your goals are it will help you gain clarity about how to move forward.


3. The satisfaction of building something for me

I have had some shocker bosses and quite frankly I was over being a money maker for someone I didn’t respect. If I was going to work as hard as I was why would I not do it for myself. If you could channel the amount of energy you put into your work into building something for yourself imagine the possibilities.


4. Nothing else felt right

I am wired not to ignore a gut feeling on something especially if I have done the research. I turned down a job that I had dreamt of two years earlier because it no longer fit what I wanted in my life. I even tried to force myself to go but as the date drew closer I nearly made myself physically ill. I had been looking for different jobs, industries and career options but nothing felt right. Don’t fight it, just try to listen to and trust yourself.


Although the above list is not all the traditional reasons you might come across, I want to emphasise there are no right or wrong reasons in the decision to get into your own business.

Let’s be real here

I believe if you answer the question “do I want to be in business/be my own boss?” with a yes, it is probably a good Checklistindication that you should, even if you follow it with a ‘but’ and start making excuses for why you shouldn’t. You just need to be smart about it and find the right fit for you right now. It doesn’t have to be your forever choice, it is just the first step.

If you are trying to make a pros and cons list there are other great benefits to be your own boss including: potential for uncapped earning, legacy and flexibility to create your own schedule.

If you are looking for a long list of excuses Entrepreneur.com has created a comprehensive list of 50 reasons you start your own business.

However, all good things always come with difficulties and challenges. I have come across my fair share and I will explore this in another post.

Can you relate to any of my reasons for wanting to get into your own business? Please leave me a comment would love to know and I will get back to you.


  • Andrea

    Hi Alix,

    It is true that sometimes something bad hs to happended such as losing job for us to find out what we really want to do. As someone who has not only problem wiht authorities but with working for someone for low money, but I guess who doesn’t really having my own business is a way to go.

    It is definitely not easy and you have to learn all the time but I think that it is easier than doing a job you hate.

    Do you have any tips how to stay motivated?

    • Alix

      Hi Andrea, Thanks for your comment! I read recently that no one mentions that motivation is not something that you feel constantly. I personally find it dips, waivers and comes in cycles. Rather than relying on that burst of motivation, know the reason why you want to achieve something and remind yourself everyday why and where you are going, keep taking action and little bit by little bit you will start seeing results. Writing your goals down and referring to them often helps with this.  

  • Chris

    It really would be great to start up my own business – it’s been a dream of mine for years now…but the learning curve and the spare time seem to have gotten in the way thus far…

    Could I ask how long you have been running your own business and how you found the time and the resources to start in the first place?

    • Alix

      Hi Chris, thank you for your comment! I have been operating my local business for nearly two years, the business I decided to started had very low start up costs so I used every penny of my small savings balance. In terms of time you just have to make your business a priority and commit to work on it any spare moment. Affirm to yourself how much you enjoy learning and it will feel like less of a chore. Don’t give up on your dream, there are so many opportunities just waiting for you!

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