Government Help for Small Business

Starting a business can feel daunting and lonely but there is actually a lot of government help for small businesses available. I often forget about one of the biggest resources we all have readily available, your country’s government! Don’t overlook the resources, advice, grants and information that is available online or a phone call away.

It is in a governments best interest to support new businesses because it is the growth of these businesses that create jobs, innovations and keeps money flowing back into the economy via taxes. There is a massive amount of help available to you for free and/or massively discounted prices.

In many cases seeking government grants or loans is a great alternative to getting a bank loan.  You may find interest rates are lower and lending criteria is not as stringent.

You can use these links to connect to a starting point. But you will find also see if you could be eligible for any government grants, funding and loans that are available. Nothing comes without some amount of work, you will have to determine your eligibility, write the application or make contact to see what help you can get.

These links take you to government sites at a national level but quite often you can also get help from your state government.

Government Websites

Check out these government websites to help you get started and along the way on your business journey!

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