Getting Started

About Alix

I am a small business owner based in Australia. I started my business a little over twelve months ago and it has been a wild journey. I have learnt so much that I would have never expected when I started. There is still so much to learn!

Looking to the future

I want to use this space as a place to network and learn together with others who want to start a business About Alixor those that have started a business and need to step out of their comfort zone. I hope to be of help to those making the leap into the self-employed and business world.

Everyone sometime needs a little help, inspiration and motivation to keep taking action and what better than to do so with a community of like-minded individuals.

A little about my background

In 2010 I completed my Commerce degree with majors in Accounting and Marketing. Two very different subjects but they seemed to work nicely together for me. I am passionate about marketing and oddly accounting has just always made sense.

I have worked for a private accounting firm mostly with tax and dabbled in forensic accounting before moving onto to work in a finance role with the health department. I wasn’t happy left crunching numbers and filling in paperwork while others were out there in the ‘real world’ creating their lives and getting their hands dirty.

Helicopter mustering in the Remote OutbackAfter some soul searching travel I went on to work in the Marketing Department of a University. This was fantastic but I wanted more, so I went to the outback to chase cattle, ride horses and was in and out of helicopters. I fell in love with the country and had always wanted to be a helicopter pilot.

This lead me to working in a remote town for a company contracted to an ore mine I worked in the office, driving the bus and loaders and working in the workshop. This was a money making exercise and fairly quickly I put it together. I came back home to become a commercial helicopter pilot. I worked in the aviation industry but discovered I loved flying but I wanted it on my terms. It took me a while, a few radical career moves and difficult bosses to build the courage and momentum to just give being my own boss a go.

Present challenges and goals

My current business in the laundry industry and I look at it as a great stepping stone to all the other things I want to achieve including help everyday people like me make the leap into action. I really feel that living is about experience and our ability to grow and learn. My true passion lies in inspiring others to step out of their comfort zone.

I really hope to be able to facilitate and encourage growth, new experiences and help you push forward ready for take off.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

Keep Bizi and all the best,


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